Teens And Tens Board


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A Teens Board, showing the numerals '10' through '19'. Two boxes consists of lids and numeral 10 printed on nine of the number slots, and 9 wooden tablets where the numerals 1-9 printed on them.

Two Tens Board, showing the numerals '10' through '99'. Two boxes consist of lids and numeral 10-40 printed on one box and 50-90 printed on the second box. The boxes consist of nine movable wooden tablets numbered 1-9.

- Box: 12.10 cm x 51.50 cm
- Lid of the Box: 14 cm x 53.50 cm
- Number Slots: 10.20 cm x 47.70 cm
- Wooden Tablets: 4.80 cm x 8 cm

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