Insects Puzzle Cabinet With 5 Puzzles


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A birch plywood cabinet with 5 insects puzzles.

The insects puzzles are used to separate, identify and understand the different parts of each insetcs.

The insects puzzle comes with a cabinet and 5 beautiful puzzles, Butterfly, Lady Bug, Wasp, Dragonfly & Fly.

The purpose of the Insect Puzzle Cabinet is to increase their power of observation and knowledge in each insect, also illustrates the component parts of each puzzle piece. The knob on each component of the puzzle makes it easy to hold and can be used with many activities such as tracing or matching with cards.

  • The puzzles are inserted along the slots for convenient storage.
  • This sturdy cabinet holds 5 puzzles, with a place on the top to display 1 puzzle,
  • The puzzles are an essential part of the Montessori program, and the cabinet keeps them safe,
  • The cabinet can sit on the floor or a table top, and be easily accessible to children,

Size:  26 x 23 x 23 cm


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