Geometric Cabinet


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The geometric cabinet with 6 drawers containing 36 geometric insets and frames: 6 circles, 6 rectangles, 7 triangles, 6 regular polygons, 3 curvilinear figures, 6 quadrilaterals.


A cabinet with six trays. Each tray has either four or six insets:
Drawer 1: six circles of varying diameter.
Drawer 2: six squares and rectangles of varying size.
Drawer 3: six triangles: right angled (isosceles), acute angled (isosceles), obtuse angled (isosceles); right angled (scalene), acute angled (scalene), obtuse angled (scalene).
Drawer 4: six polygons: pentagon, hexagon, septagon, octagon, nonagon, decagon.
Drawer 5: six quadrilaterals: 2trapeziums(with different shaps), 2parallelograms(with different size, rhombus, unequal quadrilateral
Drawer 6: six curved-sided figures: quatrefoil, curvilinear triangle, oval, ellipse,equilateral triangle ,cone .

Dimensions: packing size:13.8*12.6*8.5 inches


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