Premium Quality Montessori Material

Montessori material and Educational Toys is designed to encourage stimulate and enhance child’s learning

After successfully offering a high-quality Montessori program (3-6 years) to the local community in the Southeastern suburb of Melbourne Australia.

Children’s Montessori Shop is a family owned business with a vision to satisfy our customers who are looking for a range of authentic Montessori material.

Although our online store provides a range of Premium Quality Montessori material.

We also offer a variety of educational toys to cater the customers who are homeschooling, working in a school, or just interested in active learning with materials that are ideal to connect young brains in a meaningful way.

We guarantee our low-price products and are continually improving our product line to bring you the best selection of materials educational toys.

Most of our Montessori material are made of high quality solid beechwood and water based paint

Although many of the educational toys comes under the Montessori Material umbrella.

In Melbourne Australia CMS offers Montessori material educational toys and offer premium quality for the Montessori Material

Bead Material tend to be the popular activity of the child however other Montessori activities also engage the child’s concentration

Since March 2022, Montessori shop only carries premium quality materials.

Instead, Montessori shop is glad to offer our customers the premium-quality materials at outlet prices.

Premium Montessori materials are only sold once the quality is checked by our staff.

Although there are many online stores selling montessori material we only sell the best products on the shelves.

All Montessori Shop products is made from brand-new raw materials imported from North America and China.

They are safe and durable and are of excellent quality materials made of Beechwood and with perfect finishing.

Although the products we supply is currently to the Australian markets only we are working hard to expand our market

Moreover the core product line is Montessori education based, we are ever expanding and growing the other lines to equally deliver a wide range of the most popular products and activities to support alternative and progressive education.

Because of the rise cost of the material we have worked hard to keep our prices as low as possible

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